Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Uhm, excuse me, excuse me Miss…can you spare a dollar or some change?
Hey, how about you Mister…can you spare anythang?

Hey, hey you Miss Lady, hold on now - listen, my name is Maxwell Greene
And, uh…just like you in yo pretty bidness suit, I once had me a dream.
I was gonna be a big bidness man, selling handmade furniture, right here in this city
And look at me today on this bench, at 57, nothing more than a big pity.

Ya know, with the life I’ve lived, I be thinking back over my life some days
And for the life of me, young lady – I just don’t know where I went wrong for me to end up out here, this way.

See, my Uncle Joe was a carpenter, like Jesus, and when I was young he showed me how to build tables, and chairs with wood like this bench
But somehow I never got on the right foot to get my bidness started once I grew up and somehow lost all my good sense.

I know you don’t think much of me now, ‘cuz my teef all gone and my hair’s grown out and I needs me a good shave
But I tells you the truth Miss Lady, although you may not believe it, I used to look damn good back in the days

Shiiiitt, back in the 70’s, I used to hang out over across the way on 54th and Lincoln
Having my pick of the ladies, in my white Caddy, dressed to impress, smoking reefer and drinking

Back then, I was known as “Big Money” Greene around that way
I was a Hustler’s hustler running numbers, pushing ladies and caine, bringing in big cash every day
Hell, I was the man, ya know…uhm, a Baller, as you young people say

Yeah, l lived on the top of the street chain until that one day when my main man Roy introduced me to Smack
That bitch took me on a ride to Heaven, then Hell, then to outer space and back.
I lost everythang, including my Mama’s love and hope
My main broad Sheila told me to choose one day, and you know what, like a fool I chose the dope.
I was mighty low after that, going in and out of jail for stealing some of this and some of that
I binged out and almost died twice before getting that goddamn monkey off my back.

Around the mid 80’s, I got married and tried to do the right thing by my wife Geraldine She was about 6-months pregnant at that time with my youngest daughter Maxine

So for the first time, I got me a good job working as a UPS man
Delivering all types of boxes and letters in one of them big brown vans.

But I didn’t keep that job long see, ‘cuz of my side lady at the time, Sweet Pat
She and I used to get high on crack, from time to time, - it was casual, so I didn’t see nothing wrong with that.

Until one day, I went to her on my lunch break, ya know, just to take a little toke
Yeah, me and my Patty had a good ole time drinking and loving in a hotel room full of smoke

Ha, ha, yessuh - before long, it was after 4PM and I still had deliveries to make
So I rushed out the room and into the streets, speeding ‘cuz I was hella late.

And before I knowed it, out came this kid on a bike riding kinda slow
And I was high as a kite with semi-blurred sight and didn’t exactly see him, ya know.

I still don’t remember much about it, but I knew I wasn’t high after I saw that bike under my van all bent
And I had to pay for that child’s life with my own and haven’t been the same ever since

I did 20 years, hard time, in State prison, and I’ve been out 1 year to the day
And here I am sitting on this bench still wondering where I went wrong to end up out here, this way.

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 25, 2007


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Driving down Main as tears begin to release from my eyes
For I am overcome with hopeless emotion after looking upon the sign
That now reads at the corner BP, “Unleaded Gas 3.29”
Damn! I say – that’s 3 cents more than yesterday!
I can’t do this shit man, no matter how hard I try
My budget is tighter than brand new braids, so I pray up towards the sky

Dear God,
It’s me your daughter Tee, and I am now between a rock and hard place
Please hear my humble cry and shed on me your saving grace
‘Cuz Lord, right now I’m feeling hopeless, and my Faith is on “E” and so is my tank
All my bills haven’t been paid and I’ve only got $187 left in the bank
I need to pay my car insurance, my cell, DSL and go to the laundry mat
But I have to put some gas in my car and may not be able to do all of that
My son is growing like a weed and has outgrown both pairs of his shoes, and needs at least one new
But I need to fill my tank to get to work this week, and so I have to choose
And my daughter’s in the band and her instrument rental fee is due at the end of this week, and Lord you know I don’t got it
It will hurt my baby’s heart to the core if I tell her she has to quit because I can no longer afford it
I also need to buy groceries, because I’m almost out of food
But I need to have gas to get both of my children, back and forth to school
Father, you know my situation and that their fathers aren’t around to help lighten the load
Since one is in jail for the next 5 years and the other was shot and killed when my son was only 3-years-old
I’m working 2 jobs, and struggling without end and with guilt for missing out on my kids life
Now I’ve got to choose between buying gas to get to work or my family’s quality of life
I need you now Lord, like Smokie sings in the song
Because the cost of gas has thrown a wrench in my plan, to where I don’t know how I’ll get along
To fill my tank will cost me around 35 bucks or maybe even more
And Lord I need to do that, this and next week, so that’s what I’m asking you for
A supernatural blessing that only you can bring about for sure
Because your word says “Let your requests be made known to God” inside Philippians 4
So I’m asking you Lord, in Jesus name, please deliver a fuel blessing and I’ll manage the rest - Amen

I wiped my face dry, blew my nose and thanked God for what I believed that he would send
And just like that I heard my name being called over the air on the Gospel radio station
Saying that I needed to call within 30 minutes for I am the winner of the internet contest I’d entered for a $100 gas card to use at any Exxon gas station
Thank you God! *smile*

Suggested read:
1 John 5:14-15

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Ode to Good Dick

Hello friends and visitors, please accept my sincere apology if you are offended by my opinion below. I’m just expressing my current view on this type of sexuality. I’m not judging, I have two Sisters who are Lesbians whom I love dearly and accept their lifestyle decision. It’s all in lyrical fun. We cool? Good. Enjoy the read; I’m sure you’ll have a laugh or two. Thanks for visiting my Blog, please comment, subscribe and/or come again. ~Shenéa

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This poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

An Ode to Good Dick

Because of my devout love for “good” Dick and testosterone-filled sex with a man,
I’ve honestly tried to understand Lesbianism but Lord knows I just can’t

I mean, as good as Dick is – No!, let me say that again, AS GOOD AS DICK IS!
What spell could a chick be under? To accept a monotonous clit lick over the lightning and thunder?

Hell to the nawl, that style just ain’t for me to participate,
‘Cuz with every inch of the woman I am my vote will always be on getting Dicked-down to the fullest versus getting my pussy ate

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to mix in getting served with a vicious tongue during a session
But a chick just can’t put that masculinity into it – you know, that Alpha male aggression

See, I figure that most of these chicks haven’t been Dicked-down properly to the point where a Brutha leaves a Sista spent but delighted
Ignited, and righted by his passionate freak
Where she lay there mouth agape in a blissful sleep
Pussy throbbing and beaten swollen where she can feel the bulge between her legs
Whatever the hell he did wrong, is forgotten and not another freakin’ word about it will be said

I’m talking about that thug-nasty freak that DMX put on Taral in Belly, the movie
That Brutha had me crossing my legs and clenching while viewing – in my mind I was like freak me Nucca, Ooh Wee!

That’s what’s up with Dick, it’s a beautiful thang that ain’t never hurt nobody
Well then again, Alexyss did say that Dick is so good that “Dick WILL make you slap somebody.” LOL!

Girl, have you ever craved a Dick?
Or even been haunted by the loss of it after coming across some bullshit prick?

Have you ever been freaked so good that you just gave up the ghost beneath him and was reborn into ecstasy a slave to his rhythm?
Or had a Dick so bangin’ it reached the bottom of your pussy and you came like a porn star and finally knew what you were missing?

No? Well hang in there girl, life gets better after having good Dick in your life – Stay on the grind
Yes? Well high-five me, ‘cuz you like the Goddess , my Sista, have been turned out in your lifetime

Plus, you got’s to love giving head
That’s right, you heard what I said,
Call me a White-girl ‘cuz I LOVE giving head
Don’t be taken aback, remember, Dick is good and right
I’d rather suck a big dry Dick any day then to lick a wet, monthly-bleeding pussy on any night

Think about it?

That shit right there is for the birds
Because if nothing else detours the curiosity of lezzy-sex, that right there is the deal breaker and that’s my word!

So, for the sake of good Dick (and it is Oh, so good!), give Dick a try my femme and stud Sistas, OK?
That’s it!
I will even share the number of my good Dick friend Kelvin just to ensure the session will be the motherfreakin’ shiznit!

Yeah, yeah, I know…it is said that pussy and money rule the world and in many ways that is true
But a good Dick master like my Boi “Kellz” can damn sure control the woman that the pussy belongs to (I’m a witness –Hallelooyer!) so the controller of the world is really who?

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2007. All Rights Reserved.
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