Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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Brink of Extinction

The Hunt is on…
I mean can’t you tell?
With the fatherless households
dilapidated neighborhoods
glorified drug usage and addition to retail
Rampant joblessness, HIV swells
high dropout rate and abundantly filled jails
Systems set up for him to fail
To fall on his beautifully onyx face and to breathe in debris
conditioning him to be –
ultimately turning his heart away from
everyone and everything
including you and me

The Hunt is on…
I mean can’t you see?
Law enforcement shoot to kill because of his pigment
Ones who look like self do the same and it’s straight ignorant
Man, I ask you
What happened to the days where street brawls were common
and a man could live to fight another day?

Majestic Prince of the Sahara sands – STAND!

Where is your love –
for your people?
Show us!
Your connection –
to your people?
Lead us!
Your passionate strength and birth right responsibility
to uplift your race
By example, triumphantly leading the way
Where are you?
What happened ya’ll…
Has he gone and left us astray?
I mean have we come this far to have bred a race of cannibals?
Where he the young, the old, and the foolish carry guns to
Steal, kill, and destroy!
Sound familiar?
This trend is one of an evil nature
…but the devil is not at fault
The ebony male is under attack
– internally and externally –
and he and we
are suffering as a result

Oh yes ya’ll!…, ah yeh-yes ya’ll!

The Hunt is on…
I mean does anybody care?
About his welfare?
His visible despair?
That this species makes the Department of Corrections multi-billionaires?
That it is shareholders primary interest to keep him there?
That his life is likened to a baseball game – 3 strikes and you’re outta here?
Not much thought is given in the court system to if his home life was fair
If so, it’s inadmissible – who cares?
It’s quite possible Hip-Hop or null raised him and is at the root of his degradation
His mental devastation
He ranks lowest in primary education
He’s last chosen in orphanage to home placement
That his self-esteem has been mangled and scarred from behavior by this nation
That he’s guilty until proven innocent in a justice situation
That his race is only 12% of the nation
Are you aware of all this shit that he is facing!?
George Dubya enacted the “No Child Left Behind” act
Where is the “No Black Male Left Behind” act?
For his face in the higher educational system lacks
And I ask where is his ethical treatment organization?
PETA exists for the dogs, rats, and cats
You can ask Vick about that…
The government saved the black bear, the black rail bird, and the black-footed ferret
Where is the rescue organization for the man – Black?
For his denial to vote, obtain school loans or decent employment
after paying his debt with freedom denied
For his socially accepted police brutalization, and unjustified homicides
For his federal mandatory sentences for the first possession of Crack?
Not heroine, not murder, not rape, not pedophilia and that’s fact!
Are they lesser crimes?
Swim in that…
Now listen closely to hear the shareholders snickering
trying to hold their laughs back

The Hunt is on…
And in case you didn’t know
– the African male is the prey
Mentally Revolutionize
– You and I have to try –
Be he transformed by the renewing of his mind
I need for him to try
Because he is on the brink of extinction
and if he dies…
– She dies

Oh yes ya’ll!… ah yeh-yes… yes ya’ll!


Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2006. All Rights Reserved.
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