Friday, August 20, 2010



Ignorance isn't always bliss
especially - This
This trickery…
It hurts my heart
and at times
makes me cry
When I see their self-hatred
in the pupil of my eye
They who curse me
They who snicker and stare
They who spew unpleasantries
about my natural hair
- OUR natural hair
My textured tresses they share
Yet their shame is clear and evident
by their "chemical" assimilation
co-signing the label of
inferiority onto the Black Nation
And they are disgusted by me?
In ignorance they dwell
Deceived and lovin’ it
too afraid to be themselves
Conditioned and ill (3x)
Group-think controls their minds
Twisted and confined
Mentally imprisoned
on how beauty is defined
Notice every other tribe
wear their hair
in its natural state with pride
Because they know
there is no shame
in God’s organic designs
Yet in these modern times
the dance and song
between the
Jiggaboos and the Wannabes
is newly crooned along
Dripping wet with bloody sweat
hoarse and coarse
they sing
and boorishly maintain
When in our mane
there is regal beauty
Our African follicles
exude originality in
their kink, coil, curl, and loc
It’s clear self-hatred has
their perception blocked
To emulate is to self-hate
To impersonate is to pretend
To assimilate is to conform
- to blend in
Back up and come again
Daughters of the Motherland
our Creator made no mistake
in our blueprint and construction
Halt this hatred and launch the loving
Renounce the disgrace of
-The straightened coils
-The weaved hair
-The fake nails
-The false lashes
-The phony eye color
- The bleached skin
When will the destruction
of self end?
Wandering unconsciously
Living as frauds and hoaxes
The superlative beauty of the
original man is out of focus
Free your mind and
your hair will follow
Like Neo, choose the red pill
and swallow
Break free from the confines
within your minds
Embrace your unedited phyne
God’s ideal design
From Western society’s
perception of beauty
- Resign

 Waaaaakke Uuuuuuuppp!!! ~Dap from School Daze

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2010. All Rights Reserved

To read your own mind is to look at yourself and read your soul.
Hatred becomes love and that is the path I am working on. ~Richard Gere

A Jew, a white among whites, can deny that he is a Jew, declaring himself a man among men. The Black cannot deny that he is black nor claim for himself an abstract, colorless humanity; he is Black. Thus he is driven to authenticity: insulted, enslaved, he raises himself up. He picks up the word "Black" ["Negro"] that they had thrown at him like a stone, He asserts his blackness, facing the White man, with pride. ~Jean-Paul Sartre

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