Friday, April 02, 2010

Untitled 1

Untitled 1

The man from my dream last night
walked onto the evening train
I spoke his name
He didn’t respond to my call
I mean, he didn’t look my way at all
He took his seat six benches away from me
Facing me
I stared hoping our eyes would meet
And he would recollect our sweet-heat retreat
And recognize me
No dice
The train began to move in its groove
and trembling our bodies across the tracks
And I again envisioned him embracing my body into his from the back
Softly blowing a pink and red swirl of rose petals around my throat
Whispering Najee type saxophone notes like…
*Doobie, doobie dooooo – woo, woo – ooh-woo-wee, ooooooh*
Translation: “Prayer complete: My love… I have arrived”
Every dead nerve ending in my being was resurrected alive
Surging the urge to merge
As he licked the upper tip of my ear
I could hear the atmosphere
From the beach in Negril
where we chilled and spilled
out our hearts desires near a crackling fire
of past betrayal and hurt
He fed me chocolate-dipped passion fruit without his shirt
He sang for me my favorite song and I hummed along
while belly dancing and blowing kisses of affection
in his direction
An undisguised blessing
He kept me yessing
and yessing, and yessing
over and over again
A soft wind
Brought in the calming scent of the moonlit ocean
With devotion
We walked hand in hand
forming heart-shaped footprints
in midnight blue sands
Speaking our imminence
until the golden sunrise peaked over the land
Six benches away from me was THIS man
Who had me pondering because
Him ignoring me
and not adoring me
was the thing I just could not understand
The train began its pause for the next station
by slowing in a jerking motion
My ebony love potion
and still never looked my way
He exited the train
as a single tear drop streamed down my face
He walked up the stairs
with all of my cares
I stared
Reminiscing on what I would never forget
As the train and I rolled away Westbound
into the lavender and crimson laced sunset

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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