Friday, July 03, 2009

Poetry Is Freedom - a double acrostic poem


Pen to page, mic to stage from the dam of creativity I siP
Opening the vaults of my thoughts freeing the ego of my id and superegO
xpressing, phonetically, prophetically, poetically via versE
ranquility and agility conveyed in my lyrical ability’s effecT
Rendering writes of passage into the realm of prose and rhyme’s creatoR
achting across a pink ink ocean of imagination gazing upon a paisley skY

In the looking glass of uninhibited expression is me, myself and dotted i
cribing, surviving, relying on the flow of surrealism as I text and profesS

Floating on a quill carpet of dangling participles wielding an acrostic stafF
Releasing the breath of wonder into word sands on the isle of grammaR
Exploring the heights with a telekinetic font kite or calligraphy engravE
Ethereal staves fragrant with epiphany flowers watered with an elephant’s nosE
Definition inventions morph traditional comprehension so cerebral eyes stanD
ut of the pores of poetry streams the river of emancipation on the plantation of nO
Meet me in the dark that glows, near the pretzel-shaped rose and bring me a piece of cloud guM

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenea
© 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Izache Corzo said...

Oh snap sis!!! That was metaphorical and grammatical DOPENESS!!! Love That! =0)

Jasmine. said...

this is beautiful . wow ...

blogoratti said...

That was deep!