Monday, June 29, 2009

DADDY DEAREST - an acrostic poem

DADDY DEAREST (For my Father, James aka Slim)

Don’t ever question my love for you…
And don’t you ever wonder if I appreciate all that you do
Don’t you know that you are my earthly King?
Don’t you know all the joy, affection, and protection you bring?
You are my Daddy Dearest – the man whom I cherish, love and adore

Designated by the Divine to be my parent, my friend, my life mentor
Encouraging my talent, believing in my dreams, complimenting my beauty
Always nourishing my esteem. It’s always my pleasure to hear God’s word
Resonate from your lips. Like King Solomon to his child your instruction was strict
Extra thick with knowledge, wisdom, self-respect and sophistication
So much emphasis placed on education and I thank you. I know I am special in your eyes
That I am sure, and I love you, I love you – I love you everyday Daddy, more and more

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenea
© 2009. All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

Ohhh....K! said...

WOW! I would love to be so creative in expressing my love and appreciation for my Daddy - I'll just have to send him over to read this and let him know they are my sentiments exactly. :-) Again, thank you for sharing your gift.

I guess I need to thank your Dad too!