Saturday, November 01, 2008

What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?

Poetry is life
with its
love and its strife
Its truth and its lies
Its guilt and its pride
It’s an emotional ride
It is courage
It is fear
It’s dusk and dawn
It’s the rook against the pawn
The smiles and the tears
The current event,
and the retrospectful years
- It is sovereign -
A lyrical ebb and flow
for the shallow waters of carnal flesh
and the deep blue seas of the soul
It is my history
that I am a survivor
Poetry is freedom-driven
and I’m a front seat rider
Poetry is my mirror reflection
for all the world to see
Poetry is my soul’s rendering of
what you can and cannot see

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2008.
All Rights Reserved.

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janazja1999 said...

I love your flow, the play on words. keep giving us the good stuff.