Monday, October 27, 2008

Poetically Skitzo

Poetically Skitzo

Today I’m writing like I’m losing my mind
metaphorically crazy lines
like Gertrude Stein
Yesterday, I wrote youthful like Shel Silverstein
manifesting to the page innovatively diverse rhymes
Yet outside my poetic mind
you’d find that I’m like
Langston Hughes’s
“Quiet Girl”
and at other times in the world
I ponder thoughts of how death will unfurl
like my girl, Emily D.
At those times I just write to be free
to combat attacks from spiritual enemies
I write of the monsoon with similes
Thunder equals
paintears equals Rain
Wind equals
trial and Peace equals smile
After a while…
I can write with love like Queen Maya
and instill and inspire
ignite a fire in a spiritual place
Elevate and evoke
point them towards a higher plateau
Promote mental growth
in man, woman, boy and girl
residents of this not-so-nice World
Where the “Haves” rule
This now puts my pen in a political mood
so I write the truth harsh and rude
I got something to prove
to these blinded views
I got someone to school

so I connect
with Poet Laureate
Amiri Baraka and his Queen Amina’s plight
I write the fight of the non-White
poetically and prophetically I release what’s vexing me
And then relax – relate – and release
cease and accept peace
let my pen breathe deep
Bob my head forth and back
and chill as Walt Whitman’s

poetic "Drum taps..."

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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