Saturday, October 18, 2008

Love's Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster Sunset

Love’s Rollercoaster

I sit here and pluck the luck of a rose
In hopes that it will tell me if he loves me yes or not I suppose
I seek our horoscopes to cope with the anxiety residing inside of me
The presence of love has me looking forth and back dually like Janus, the deity
I asked the crystal ball,
“Should I let him in and give him power over my will?”
I want to love him deeply but I’m too scared to feel
For the sting of love is lasting as it pierces the heart’s core
Memories of its bittersweet touch are tattooed upon my soul’s ceiling and floor
So I shake the magic 8 ball and ask,
“Am I strong enough to endure more?”
It responds, “Sure”
Little comfort this answer provides to the growing fear inside
At its birth, love brings sunlit smiles and fluttering butterflies
And in its death, a monsoon of disheartened tears scornfully cried
Tell me palm reader,
Should I continue to guard my heart?
Should I enter this amusement park in the dark and embark?”

Love’s Rollercoaster has an unpredictable ride
So there is genuine reluctance for me to once again get inside
Tell me, should I trust the “I would never hurt you” sincerity in his eyes?
How can I be sure his truths are not lies fraudulently disguised?
She replied,
“To acquire love, one must risk the prize of their heart each and every time;
There must be no war, but agreement, betwixt your soul, body and mind;
With love, you must not fear, but trust and believe”

Her words I received –
She asked “Is he not the man with whom you want to be?”
I replied, “yes indeed”
When I look into his eyes, I am curious to try with this one I esteem
He enraptures my soul, arouses my body and speaks my heart’s language with ease
So I went to him and placed in his palm the key to my heart and asked that he follow me
We entered the coaster and took our seat front row center
And raised our arms as the motor revved and together allowed love to enter

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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