Saturday, November 24, 2007

WE ARE ONE (Mi Familia)

We are hilarious and fun –
intelligent and dumb
Wise and foolish in our ways
We are predictable, timid, and frank
We are spiritually fortified, as we
encounter life roads that are dim, dark, and dank

We love Traditional Gospel music –
Praise and Worship best to evoke the Holy Spirit,
but we’ve been moving and grooving in with the Contemporary tide
We are mature and youthful in spirit in consensually understanding
we were bought at a price by our Big Brother who died

We are sometimes hard to love, but always worthy of the attempt
We are abundantly gifted, pseudo replicas, and bona fide jewels
Who have graduated and prematurely vacated Mid, High and Ivy schools
We are bonded, loving and loyal throughout our fluctuating heights of stability in class

We can cook with the best of ‘em in the kitchen and we whoop our children’s ass
We love to drink and party and “We never touch that stuff”
We are overly loving and attentive of our children but also shamefully neglectful
We love the Lord and serve Him with vigor all the way down to just enough

We’re seasoned freaks, who “candy lick” with Marvin Cease
And youthfully groove to Theodis Ealy’s “Stand up in It” jam
We love Hip-Hop, like a favorite younger sibling
And we chill with 70’s Soul, 80’s Grooves, and the 90’s Sex jams

We’re behind the pulpit, in the pews, and planted on The Block
We’re in Corporate America, prison, on probation, the military and working two jobs non-stop
We’re lovin’ our spouses, supporting our kids and keeping God first
Praying with and for us as we’re strong-held to alcohol, sex, green, and the coke that doesn’t quench a thirst

We’re pimpin’ our mates and getting taken for all we’ve got on Earth and above
We bring “beef” to Fish Friday’s causing disharmony in our love
We relinquish our last coin and hoard our fortune all to ourselves
We are breaking and rebuilding generational cursed former selves

We are the smiling blessed who shower the world with encouragement and praise
And we are the miserable haters who tear down and gossip to give worth to our days
We live comfortably in the Suburbs even though we’ve never left The Hood
We are so busy trying to get it done whether it’s for the betterment of the Kingdom or of no good

We are the ones who are lazy, who can dish it but can’t take it
We are so strong – we are weak, frail, and breaking
We’re for the most part peaceful unless one comes to harm
God be with the perpetrator who intentionally rings the alarm

We commune regularly and sing of our joy and pain
We’re coming to get us wherever we are whether sleet, snow or hurricane
We shimmy our stresses away on Ladies Night, and go broke for our baby’s birthday
We know love because of each other because it’s something we speak and don’t say

We vacation on the beaches of Myrtle and Ocean Isle even though we’ve never been anywhere before
We’re aspiring for greatness in the cities along the North and South Carolina shores
We’re walking the streets of Gold and walking the streets of the New Jerusalem
And were progressing in the “good life” like Kanye in the Black Mecca – “el Nuevo renacimiento de Harlem”

We’re musically inclined playing instruments in all five
We can sing like Whitney and put Luther and Pac to shame
We are dysfunctional and simultaneously the model of function
We are all one in the same

We are Family…

– We are One, singular not plural

Suggested read:
1 John 4:20-21
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2007. All Rights Reserved.


James Tubman said...

an imperfect, perfected depiction of our ordinary, unusual race

you forgot to mention that we were the first human beings on earth

we established the first civilized societies on earth with nubia, egypt (kemet), ghana, mali, songhay etc.

and that every other people in the world would be bored out of their mind if we didn't entertain their boring asses

cute stuff

check me out sometimes


Izache Corzo said...

Awesome! Gosh sis...this write is the verbal embodiment of 360 that can even make any sense at all! LOL...I enjoyed reading this immensely! A most beautiful contradiction indeed and it compels me to think of the idea of the ying and yang dwelling in the same space at the same time. How a people can be all things.
Also...I found myself LMBO at what James Tubman wrote:

"and that every other people in the world would be bored out of their mind if we didn't entertain their boring asses"