Monday, November 05, 2007


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I wasn't looking for Him amongst the crowd
But once I saw Him –
I couldn't take my eyes off of Him
And I got that feeling…
You know that feeling?
That vibrates a kinetic pulse along your nerve endings inserting Love
into all 5 doors of your senses
As we greeted,
Our eye contact was new, yet old, and familiar
Our handshake and overly-extended gaze confirmed our connection was mutually felt
As we mingled,
I could smell his lightly seductive scent
Like a wafting fragrant candle in the distance inviting me into its harmony
It enveloped me,
Like a cooling gentle breeze
I couldn't see it but I knew it was there
His voice was beating a jazzy drum solo upon my eardrums,
and I grooved to his intellectual beat
My mind's eye was intimately intrigued with Him, trusting and relaxed
I was attentive,
Like a student to a teacher who's lecturing a favorite subject
His physical form was eye candy sweet arousing my taste buds and awakening my salivary glands
Butterflies arose and fluttered in unison as he sat down beside me
His unintentional brush against my thigh transmitted a magnetic pull into my body that caused rapid fluctuations in my heart rhythm unbeknownst to me before
Pneumatic chemistry was emitted by our reciprocal flirtatious body language
At that moment,
All I knew of this stranger was his name
Yet I felt naturally comfortable treading in on unfamiliar territory
For that "still small voice" whispered and told me that Love could be found within Him
His presence made me aware that "this feeling" is not a given with all I encounter
We were meant…
Whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime
We were pre-written into each other's journeys by the Divine Author before we took our first step along the path
I was getting that limited edition supernatural feeling…
That yang to my yin balanced feeling
That forever and a decade in His presence special feelingThere it goes again...
Ooh, he just smiled at me exposing those dimples that aredeep enough to immerse all my "What if?" fears of the unknown in
Ooooooh yesI feel real good about this one
And I like this feeling…
And he –
He gives me that feeling

Suggested read:
1 John 4:7-16

Tara S. Gause aka Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa
© 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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